Arthur Nova: & the Space Pirates Tyler Leonhardt


Published: August 4th 2015

Kindle Edition

161 pages


Arthur Nova: & the Space Pirates  by  Tyler Leonhardt

Arthur Nova: & the Space Pirates by Tyler Leonhardt
August 4th 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 161 pages | ISBN: | 10.30 Mb

In the distant future, humanity has mastered interstellar travel and colonized the far reaches of the galaxy, which is now divided between five major empires. A delicate balance of power keeps the political tensions between these empires in check, but constant espionage and isolated skirmishes create an environment of perpetual cold war.

Lately, however, hostilities are increasing between two o f these empires, and it seems like the fragile peace may soon be broken.Nomeks, a civilization of nomadic merchant clans, keep themselves neutral in galactic politics, and are treated as inferior by the rest of the galaxy because of their nomadic lifestyles. Arthur Nova is a member of one such clan. When Arthur was an infant, the Nova clan was nearly wiped out during a devastating attack by Blackhole, the most feared pirate in the galaxy.

Under the leadership of Arthur’s uncle, they have been struggling to rebuild their fleet ever since.A routine trading expedition on a desert planet turns Arthur’s world upside-down when he discovers he possesses abilities that verge on superhuman- and a chance encounter with a flamboyant military officer leads the Novas down a path that will test their traditional neutrality as they head off on an adventure where they will cross paths with little green men, brave hazardous space near the robot empire, and seek out the very pirate that nearly destroyed them.

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