The Eye of Darkness Roy Gillett



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The Eye of Darkness  by  Roy Gillett

The Eye of Darkness by Roy Gillett
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Darkness should not be feared because it has always existed. It is a field of pure potentiality from which all creation emerges, creation being the transition from darkness to light. Essentially, darkness is invisible, yet the desire to express its infinite potential inspired the idea to create that which is visible.

The manifestation of the visible from the invisible, or of something from nothing, facilitated the creative expression of a divine force. As a result, infinite realities were born, all interconnected by the spaces between them, all manifested from a spiritual intelligence. This metaphysical mind gave birth to multiple worlds to explore all possibilities. The mind represents a juxtaposition of seeming polarities because it is something and nothing simultaneously, a paradox interwoven into the fabric of existence.

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